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This database currently contains 3,507 Probesets (nodes) with a total of 56,287 binary gene-gene interactions (edges), based on a study of the citrus Huanglongbing (HLB) response network published recently :

Zheng Z-L and Zhao Y (2013) Transcriptome comparison and gene coexpression network analysis provide a systems view of citrus response to 'Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus' infection. BMC Genomics 14: 27 [Link].

We will incorporate large-scale, predicted protein-protein interactions into this database soon.


1) Fuzzy search: Enter the characters that resemble part of a Probeset ID to obtain a list of Probesets that contain the characters. Click a specific Probeset ID from the list, you will obtain a list of gene-gene interactions, with PCC (Pearson correlation coefficient) values provided for each interaction.

2) Precise search: You can enter or copy-paste one or multiple (up to 15) exact Probeset ID’s to obtain a list of gene-gene interactions. By checking “Detail”, you will obtain a list of genes that interact with each of the genes you have entered . By clicking the link to a gene on the list, you will obtain all second-degree neighbors which interact with that particular gene.

To construct a high resolution gene-gene interaction network graph, we recommend the use of the specialized softwares such as Cytoscape. You can copy-paste the list of gene-gene interactions you have obtained by searching the database to the Cytoscape program for example.

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